tape residue

Have I mentioned that I’m battling tape residue??

Most of it has been in the surgical field and so removing it has been difficult. I can only scrub at it so hard and so long before (1) it hurts a little, and (2) I’ve no skin left in that area. I’ve also got marks on my right arm from my most recent hospital visition.

So, for the most part, I’ve left all those tape marks as is.

The problem? They’re not disappearing by themselves. I’ve been trying a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol, but again, limited success.

So, I’m just accepting of the marks and am leaving them be.


1 thought on “tape residue

  1. Hey Gayle…try Avon Skin so Soft…I used to use it to get bandaids off the kids. The oil eats away at the glue.


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