I suppose it was only a matter of time before tears appeared. I couldn’t help myself yesterday.

Because I can’t see my body completely, and don’t exactly have a good eye for judging one day to the next, I need Vince to make sure the drains aren’t plugged and that the swelling isn’t increasing or an infection starting, etc.

And yesterday it struck me as a horrible thing to ask another person to do. I feel so disfigured, though I am proud of my battle scars, and I think it’s all just hideous to look at right now.

I am just so lucky to have a man such as Vince in my life who can help me without being sickened by it, but more importantly, I’m awed that I have someone I trust enough or feel comfortable enough around to show my body to.


2 thoughts on “tears

  1. Hi Gayle…Sherie has been ever so kind as to keep me in the loop on how you’re doing. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since the day of your surgery. It is good to “hear you” through your words in the blog of course and know that you’re okay as you can be. Your words about your husband Vince make me think about how my husband supports me and I should tell him I appreciate that more often. Vince sounds like a great guy. Well it is 6:30 am and unfortunately time for me to get ready for that dreaded four letter word “work”! I looked outside and at least the sun is shining. I hope you are able to get some fresh air and sunshine when you’re up to it – it does wonders. Look forward to seeing you next time I see you. Take care and keep up the good attitude. Time will heal right? How many people have said that to you? Bye for now. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking about you….and I am sending you a virtual hug!

  2. Those scars will fade and the drains will go. I truly hope it’s sooner rather than later and though your body looks different now it’s still beautiful. You’re still beautiful.

    I’m glad too that you and Vince are lucky enough to have each other. You are both prizes.

    You can’t be strong every day sweetie! I’m sure that doesn’t stop you from trying. You truly are one in a million

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