the art of worry

I was nagging a friend recently about not really knowing a whole lot of what was going on in friend’s life. [I’m not going to rant about the fact that said friend has had a blog longer than I have and I only found out about it last week.] There was a one line in our exchange saying that hearing about friend’s life wouldn’t make mine any better and that I’m the one that needs to recover.

I was also told that if I wanted to know something, all I had to do was ask. This made me howl!!! That means I would have had to know something was going on by ESP or some such in order to ask!!! Actually, to be honest, as curious as I am, I don’t usually go digging without some sort of hint.

Also, I haven’t been the best about getting in touch…that’s why the blog has made life so much simpler. I post and if you don’t read it, I don’t know about it. I guess I’ve relied on friends to let me know if there’s something I should know. I’m thinking some changes are afoot!

But…tangent neatly reigned in…back to where my focus should be. I know that my focus has to be me. Battling cancer, beating cancer, recovering from my treatments and surgery…I get that. However, and this here is the “art” in worrying, I AM capable of worrying about my friends without obsessing; I know how the bulk of my energy needs to be spent.

I guess what I’m saying very poorly is that I care deeply about my friends, and thus I also want to know how you are. If I can’t deal, I’ll tell you.

Tracy is a fine example. She is my sister in the battle to end breast cancer, but first she is my friend. I’m glad she shared her news with me. Worry I shall. Support her I shall.

Be well.


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  1. What changes? 😉

    In any case, you have to worry about yourself first. I’ve told other friends, you’re no good to others if you are yourself a wreck.

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