the axis-axes dilemma

My head hurts. Really hurts. This fall my course is on economics – specifically microeconomics in Canada.

In the first chapter of the course’s first unit, I glazed over by page 5 of my readings when I tried to understand “marginal benefit”. Say what again? [Never mind. No detailed economics lessons here.]

At lunch the next day, I decided to finish the chapter by re-reading what I thought I read the night before. As if new lingo wasn’t bad enough, the end of the chapter provided a lesson in graphs. Graphs should be easy, right? After all, I survived calculus in high school and first year university. The x-axis is the horizontal line, the y-axis is the vertical line and the origin is the point shared by the two axes.

Not so easy, apparently, if you’re me. You know that this is going to be a tough course when you read “axes” as two of the sharp chopping tools rather than the plural of “axis” [aksiz vs akseez].

Wait. It gets better.

So now that my head is hurting, my brain immediately jumps to “More light, Aziz!” (pronounced Azzeez). [See the rhyming link?? Huh huh?] Which is from the movie The Fifth Element.

At which point I got to thinking about axis and its plural axes. I had to divert myself to research just why, exactly, Germany, Italy and Japan were referred to as the “axis” in WWII when they weren’t on a line at all, and why they weren’t called the “axes”, considering there were three of them.

And what do we conclude from this exercise? Let’s be honest here. I was looking for ANY means of distraction to avoid doing my homework.

Look at that. Time doesn’t change some things at all.

Oṃ śānti śānti śānti


2 thoughts on “the axis-axes dilemma

  1. Andrew says Economics 10 in Univ was at 1:30pm…and by 1:45 pretty much every class, he was asleep.
    I can relate to distractions…I sometimes think that if I had a job that required me to work from home, my windows would be really clean…any excuse to avoid!
    You’re right, some things never change! And more power to them for consistency!

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