the hand written word

When was the last time you sat down to hand write a letter to a friend or family member?

Here are two important things that technology has done for us:

  1. points out spelling mistakes as they happen to give you a chance to correct them;
  2. the impunity to write anything and everything you want, in whatever tone you want, and then go back and delete or otherwise edit.

In some ways, technology has made the hand written letter obsolete. I think I find it more important that it’s taken away skills from people. Shouldn’t we all think carefully what we write? Shouldn’t we take pride in knowing grammar and spelling?

I am very grateful to a dear friend who has recently initiated a hand written letter between us. I’m loving communicating this way again and with her. I find that I am more honest in my letters and certainly thinking about everything I’d like to put down. The ironic part wasn’t remembering how to write more than my signature, it was actually finding writing pads or cards or anything of that ilk. Thank goodness for The Papery here in Victoria – the last bastillion here in Victoria of such things.

I challenge every one of you to go and write a letter to someone today. You’ll really enjoy it.