the hat

This is THE hat.

I have a love for hats…I have my day-to-day hats, sun hats, beach hats, dressy hats…quite a few are made by Lillie and Cohoe, as is this plum delight.

This is a winter hat. Water repellent, with fleece pull down earcuff. Very warm and absolutely perfect.

It is a gift from a dear family friend, so I am very emotionally attached to it. Not only that, it hides my baldness very well.

Well, have I got a story for you.

Vince and I traveled to Vancouver in early December for a mini-vacation. It would have been difficult as a walk on to the ferry if it had not been for a transport wheelchair.

What we learned on the way over was that if I got out of the chair and walked that bridge between the ship and ramp into the terminal, Vince would not hurt himself.

On the return, while we were boarding the ferry, as I exited that terminal ramp a gust of wind took that beautiful hat off my head. There was no hope…I watched it sail away down to the ground below the ramp.

I was devastated, not just at the loss of a loved hat but now people could see how sick I was.

Twenty minutes into the sailing an announcement comes over the PA saying the hat was recovered and could be picked up at the Chief Steward’s Office. Vince went and got it. I cried. A ferry employee who witnessed the loss of the hat reckoned he had just enough time to retrieve it.

That was above and beyond and the kindness still overwhelms me. And yes I did ensure a huge, heartfelt thank you was conveyed to BC Ferries head office.

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  1. oh my goodness that is so lovely! I am so glad that this person did you such a kind turn. You totally deserve it.

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