The latest of nothing….

So I’m at the hurry up and wait stage again.  Yes, I’m days late with this update – and for that I apologise.
I’ve been trying to get my head around this one.
The two needle aspiration biopsies of the lymph notes in my armpit made the first biopsy feel like a pinch!
First I had to get an ultrasound to ensure that I needed the needle biopsy. I guess telling you that was moot since I’ve already indicated “Holy crap!”
The pressing down of the probe on my left armpit was very uncomfortable and hurt. Mind you, it wasn’t the fault of the technician, it is the fact that my whole axilla area is very tender (and swollen).
Once the technician was done, then the doctor is called in. He then checks what the technician found by doing more/second ultrasound. Duplicate work anyone?? The only good thing about him doing the ultrasound was questioning the harder spots of my breast and having him say “they’re fluid cysts”. That’s the good news. A cyst usually forms when the fluid is not able to move. Oh. Does that mean it’s bad news because we don’t know why the fluid isn’t flowing? Yet, on the other hand, I was also assured that I’m now officially in an age group where breast cysts are common. Gee thanks. Just what I wanted to know. So which is it? Bad news or age? Unable to answer because we still don’t know what’s going on.
Yes, I was given another dose of local anaesthetic to numb the area about to be attacked, er, um, biopsied. The doctor put it in very quickly so the sting sensation was WOW.  Then he used the ultrasound probe to guide the needle. I’ve got him leaning over me on the right side. The cord for the ultrasound across my face and the nurse/technician assisting him at my head on the left side. While the area is numb, there is still pressure from the probe as he pressed downwards and then I did feel the needle somewhat (after all, why should the numbness extend that far into my body??). After the needle is confirmed in position, the doc jiggles the whole axilla area – I’m told this is to ensure a good sample of cells. Talk about discomfort the whole time.
Actually, I believe in my brain I was screaming – well, let’s leave it at that, shall we? The words might have been a bit blue.
Then we repeat the process for a second needle.
You should see the bruising I have. Or maybe not. But my point is …
After the numbness wore off, I was VERY sore. I used an ice pack the second day.
If there’s an upside to all this, I haven’t been able to comfortably wear a bra in about a month, so I’m using bra tank tops and sports bras as my base of support. This could be the making of a very bad habit.
I should have an answer by Wednesday next week.