the rabbit hole

I am wont to go down the rabbit hole when I am seeking diversion from what I should be doing (like some work jobs) or a particularly active brain (when I should be sleeping). I like this explanation for “going down the rabbit hole” best: spending a lot of time on an activity, perhaps more than originally intended.

Here’s an example, I was having a conversation at work with co-workers and the conversation turns to the fact that BC government has appointed people to be Attorney General who are not lawyers. So, how many times has this happened? I went down the rabbit hole and came up with three times. The problem with the rabbit hole is that it can springboard to other searches and I stay down the rabbit hole for a L O N G time.

My brain is “active” as I crawl into bed; reflecting on things that have happened during the day, thinking of things I should do and then…BAM…I think of something I’m curious about. What to do? Lie there and ponder, or do a search on the smartphone? And then something in what I read triggers curiosity about something else, so now I look that up…and so on.

Went to bed at a decent time (9 p.m.). Thought pops into my head: “Punky Brewster”. I never watched Punky back in the day, but with all the commercials promoting the reboot I check it out and find an actor who looks familiar – he IS – he was the commandant in Police Academy and also appeared in Tootsie…oh, he’s dead now…back to Punky…Soleil Moon Frye. Who names their kid this? Oh, it’s from a song that her mother liked, but still….the next full moon….Worm moon…flat earthers…graphite erasers…covid-19 vaccine…spotted owl…tawny owl…barred owl…pbs schedule…history of carabiners…ending at chocolate eggs. Okay, what time is it? WTF? I’ve been online for T W O   H O U R S???!!!! Okay, time for bed…but I’ll just check social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) once more…Bored Panda, anyone? (multiple)…ONE MORE HOUR LATER, I turn off the phone and put it aside and work on getting to sleep. Wait! Just thought about something else…I stop myself from reaching for the fluffing phone.

Who needs insomnia? I limit my sleep just with a smartphone. [Smacks head!]

What did I learn from all of that?? Turn off the fluffing phone AND leave it in the living room. The phone is not required in the bedroom. I have an alarm clock. [Okay, there was a time or two that I have slept with my phone; necessary because Dad was ill at the time and…] Now I don’t bring the phone to bed [proudly stated].

Live. Laugh. Thrive.❣

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