the return of hair

My hair has basically grown back enough that I need a hair cut, or at least a trim around the ears and neck.

The colour is basically as before…with a few more grey hairs very visible. It’s also thicker in consistency than previously and there is wave where none has been before. 

The problem?

The growth rate and different “kinds” - or should I say lack of growth in one area. The hair on my crown is growing both straight and slower than the hair at the sides, which is growing with a wave and certainly much faster than the crown.

The crown also has a mind of it’s own. It sticks up when I brush it my usual way, so now I brush with a part to have it lie flat.

The “flat” doesn’t exactly compliment the wavy and so it looks just weird. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected perfection…this is “me”, after all!


2 thoughts on “the return of hair

  1. Hey, we all went through our weird hair do phases…some of us go through them later than others and some of us have radioactive help to achieve the best look possible.

  2. Just promise me no mullets. I see goldilocks and lots of them in your near future. Are you drain free?

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