thinking oddly + guilt

I’ve often found it somewhat amusing, if not completely odd, how one thinks in the time of crisis.

When Vince called to share the news about Kiki, he said “I’ve sad news for you. Kiki has died.”

The first stupid thought I had was “Are you sure?” But I didn’t ask that.  Instead, I asked, “What?!!!!!! How?!!!!!!”

Why is it that I have a brake on my brain for something like this and not other things?

The guilt part of this is wondering if I had noticed Kiki’s distress when I began my day, would it have made a difference?


1 thought on “thinking oddly + guilt

  1. It’s the whole parenting instinct…could I have done something better, different, is something my fault…
    Whether pets or children, they are our responsibility, and we feel more than guilt whenever something happens to one of them.
    You gave Kiki a good home and loving parents and brothers and sisters.
    If it was his time to go, then there was really nothing you could have done differently to change the outcome…perhaps delay the inevitable a bit.
    Try not to feel the guilt, but remember the bird he was, and the memories he gave you.
    I hope you, Vince and the other birds recover from your loss soon.

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