Today as I was walking out of work, I allowed myself a pitiful me moment.

I’m never likely to forget my cancer diagnosis, so why is it that I have to have a forever reminder of my cancer battle…better yet, a few forever reminders (lymphedema, mastectomy, pan hysterectomy, menopause at 42, thinning hair, permanent neuropathy in my feet and one finger, and chronic indigestion)???

And then I remind myself that these are minor inconveniences. I am still here, after all.


2 thoughts on “thinking

  1. Without absolutely knowing that there’s something else “beyond”, being here is the best thing around.


  2. Every positive has a negative and vice versa. You’re allowed to have pity me parties, as long as they don’t carry on until early morning and wake all of the neighbours.
    You’re still here, you’ve fought and won, and no, for various reasons, mental and physical, emotional and spiritual you’ll never be the person you were before the diagnosis…
    Live well, live strong, live….

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