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I had my 8th herceptin treatment on Wednesday. Do I even need to go into the needle story, because you know there had to be one!?  Well, it took two pokes. But the nurse found a viable vein! We think it’s the one the hospital probably would have put the PICC line into. Who cares? It worked, no bruising and didn’t hurt. The side effects, however, suck: flu-like for about 48 hours and achy bones. If I stay on track, meaning no hiccups with my heart, I will have a treatment every three weeks right into the first week of 2008. From then on, it’s just tamoxifen. And some home physio….improvement can now be seen, but I’ve a long ways to go yet.

There’s been good healing with my ostomy – the nurse said no more “wick” (a means to keep it open), so now we’re entering into the healing/closing phase. There’s already a distinct decrease in drainage. Perhaps in two weeks all I’ll need is a covering until the opening is completely closed. Wishful thinking, probably, but hey, why not?

Return to work is still not determined. I’d go Tuesday if I could, but there are things like ensuring no reoccurrence of infection, the fact that I have an ostomy still and the fact that sitting at a desk all day could be harmful to my shoulders and arms, therefore a gradual return to work as opposed to all out. Logical, but for a bored person, it’s torture.

And, sadly and yet happily folks, I think this blog is reaching the end of its purpose. My journey has two beginnings: the day I said something is wrong with my breast (May 7/06) 14 months ago, and the day I received my diagnosis (August 9/06) just over 10 months ago. It’s so hard to look back and know that I’ve survived chemo, radiation and surgery. Now I’m thriving. But let’s address a little reality for a second: I’m now entering the phase of “wait and see” as there is a significant risk of reoccurrence in the next three years. Here’s what I think about that:  since I seem to aim for the lower/rarer odds, I see myself in the clear. I mean, really, when have I ever followed the pack? And yes, I’m scared, but I refuse to let that dominate my thoughts or my life.

I will continue to do what I’ve done all along these past months: live, laugh, thrive and take each day as it comes.

I’ll wait until I’m back to work and back into some sort of routine before shutting this down…this is kind of your head’s up. Any further thoughts can wait till the last post.


P.S. And yes, Colleen, what you read is exactly how it is. Really.

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  1. I’ll miss your blog. You’ve made me laugh so many times with the way you express yourself. You truly are a miracle. I hope that you have some sort of blog going. You have a knack for words. :o)

  2. Your blog is so good for those of us living so far away.. but email has potential too 😉
    Keep chin up and thoughts positive, and we promise to do the same on your behalf…

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