three topic post

(1) The drive out

Wow what a drive. We spent most of it in cloud and/or rain; much better than glaring sun!!

Learned a few interesting things, like how insane Vince is. Let me put it this way: Vince + rain + pitch black + driving tunes + mountain highway = NOT a good idea.

This country is totally beautiful. I particularly enjoyed the wildlife: hawks (Sharp-shinned hawk is incredibly beautiful), Pronghorn antelope (a surprise to me), coyotes, deer (and more deer), prairie dogs and even had the shadow of an elk in high beams in the mountains.

Made it to Cranbrook, BC, for the first night, then across Alberta and Saskatchewan, ending up in Brandon, MB, for the second night. A leisurely 2 hour drive and we were in Winnipeg. Just over 2,000 km and approximately 28 hours of driving.

Alberta SUCKS for rest areas. Went from Lethbridge to Medicine Hat (approx.2 hours) without any rest stops.

Stupid sign on Alberta garbage bins: No domestic garbage ~ the word is “household” folks, not “domestic”.

Lots of breast cancer ribbons and pink in the hotel so I know I’m in the right place.

We are sharing a suite with Roisin and Scott. Fortunately the sitting area is a separate room with its own bathroom so each couple has privacy at night ~ appreciate please that we are using the suite for a lot of the filming and we’re all pretty cramped with equipment and three laptops (vying for ONE internet connection ~ no wireless!! My turn now).

(2)  Blankets 1 ~ Gayle 0

Just for the record, that’s Vince’s score, not mine.

But it’s funny.

Had a battle royale with the blankets approximately 3:30 a.m. which began, ironically, with a hot flash and ended with throwing the duvet to the floor, ripping another blanket and one sheet off of Vince and me, and sorting everything to my satisfaction. Feel sorry for Vince. I wasn’t exactly pleasant about it all.

I pray that tonight is a lot less entertaining; the conference begins at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow morning (with breakfast as part of it, thank goodness).

(3) Pink paper

Today the Winnipeg Free Press has published its paper entirely in pink. There’s a breast cancer ribbon and story on the front page of every major section and it’s also promoting the conference.

It’s just so cool.