three weeks later

Okay, I obviously have a defect in my brain. It’s not such a bad thing overall, because it’s obviously protecting me. In my own little world, I never imaged that this surgery could lay a person out so much.

Oh, don’t be incredulous at my expense. You all know me. I live in a wonderful, rose-tinted world where reality has a Gayle interpretation on it.

I can barely get dressed and all I’m wearing are easy-on, easy-off clothing. I can barely wash my own underarms due to limitation in motion/movement of both arms. And I’m still incredibly sore, dealing with swollen flaps under the arms and still with a drain.

Not exactly how I pictured the three-week mark. I had expected the drains to be gone. The ability to shower (oh, to shower!). And, more motion/movement in the arms than I have.


I think it’s boredom creeping in. I mean really, have you watched daytime television lately?? Good lord, it’ll rot the brain. Is there no intelligent life out there???

Sanity slipping more than usual.


1 thought on “three weeks later

  1. Obviously you haven’t seen the fantastic and I mean FANTASTIC show called Jerry Springer. It’ll make your heart melt. You’ll aspire to be like the wonderful people on that show and if you are wondering who Indy and Aja’s daddy’s are Maury can help you with that one. He’s a whizz.

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