Every now and again I don’t have enough for one post, but I have a series of little things.

port replacement 

Tuesday was my port replacement, same routine as before. At least I knew what to expect this time. 

Doctor was pissed, believing a nurse broke the first one. 

Worked exceptionally well for my MRI on Friday.


There’s been a lot of “what?”, “what did you say?”, “pardon?”, and “I can’t hear you!”

Doesn’t help that Vince has mumbling down to an art form. I wish I could blame him entirely, but a side effect of the medications I am on does include hearing problems.

odd duck

When I married Vince, I knew I was marrying a unique individual—

  • He loves rock climbing, photography and me;
  • He does not like organized sports like baseball, hockey, football; he calls the NCAA basketball tournament Squeak squeak;
  • Commercials are a springboard for inappropriate or tangential comments, often resulting in a “huh?” from me as I am not making links between the commercial and what he’s saying;
  • He often sneaks up on me, startling me very well, I once said, “You sneak”, he said “No, ninja”; a great sense of humour;
  • Vince has strong opinions, some of them pretty wackadoodle, I’ve learned mostly to let them be, but every now and again I work at presenting an alternate view for him to consider, like marriage all those years ago;
  • He often says words backwards on purpose, claims he says them this way because it’s how he reads them (dyslexia);
  • He’s always fidgeting, tapping and drumming hands, bouncing feet, particularly to audio from commercials;
  • His smartphone can bamboozle him; he only used his smartphone to call me or browse the internet, turning the phone off all the time between such uses – an act that made contacting him very difficult; it’s been IATSE that has him leaving phone on longer, reading emails AND texting – more than I was able to achieve (money rules);
  • So much more I could say but will leave it at this.

reclining lift assist chair 

I’ve been bugging Vince about getting a reclining lift assist chair.

While I  love our couch, you can really sink into the couch. It’s very comfy. The problem is I am having difficulty leveraging myself up. 

I swore I wouldn’t purchase a used lift recliner – what if the person was a smoker or worse yet, completely unclean?

But then dumb luck happened; a former coworker and friend posted one on FB. I knew immediately I had no worries with her chair and reached out. 

We got the chair! Vince is convinced I will never get out of it and he may be right!!!🤣


Insomnia has reared its ugly head the past two nights. From midnight to 3 a.m.

I actually know the cause: I couldn’t stop thinking about work. I have 10 more days until official retirement and apparently I’m a little anxious about completing all tasks to leave my team in good stead for success going forward. I care too much.


Side effects ebb and flow.

There are good days and bad, but each is worth fighting for.

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  1. You are so wonderful. Look at all of the worry you are putting in to ensure that your work is perfect when you leave. You are so conscientious! I bet it will be meticulous.

    So happy you got your chair. 😀 Enjoy every lounge!

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