The following are just small snippets of things I don’t want to forget about the trip to Winnipeg ~ few are linked to each other and are not enough to create a post around it.

* Tim Hortons off the Trans Canada in Brandon, Manitoba doesn’t accept debit. What the ???!!!

* Saw a hare – yes a hare, not a cottontail rabbit - freakin’ huge rabbits!! After it darted in front of me, tried to find it in the thicket around the campsite and was able to see it finally by its white feet.

* First time in a tent since my mastectomy surgery, crawling in was such a challenge (knees suck, by the way) that I flopped down and swore I wouldn’t get up in the middle of the night. Guess what, in the middle of the night had to pee really bad. Opened the door and the vestibule and saw how dark it was (why did I forget how dark it can get away from civilization??) and woke Vince up. He wanted to know why he was awakened and I said that it’s DARK and I wasn’t sure how to get myself out of the tent. Vince proposed I back out. At the “No way am I exposing my butt to anything that can bite it!”, Vince rolled his eyes and went out first.

* Shared the bathroom/shower momentarily with a magpie. As I was in a stall, I heard a cackle decidedly NOT a crow and loud, meaning close by. So, I spoke up and said, “Is there something in here?” and as a second thought, “Should you be in here??” I peaked out the stall door when I was done and sure enough, there’s a magpie on an open window’s sill in the shower area. As I moved towards it, it flew off and I shut that window pretty quick. I can only imagine the kurfuffle that would have happened should it have made its way in further! [I  propose it wouldn’t be a pretty sight.]

* Saw a black bear on railway tracks off the side of the highway (not close by).

* Saw a marten in a different location and on railway tracks as well.

* Howled at the Richardson’s ground squirrels in the area – can see where the term “prairie dogging” comes from (though these fellas are NOT prairie dogs).

* That mooning of the antelope that I wrote about? Didn’t mention the train along about 5 minutes later, did I?

* Had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad on the way into Revelstoke and Vince knew that he had to stop at the first available stop. Add to this a rockslide on the highway and down to one lane of traffic and I ended up pretty desparate! [BTW, I had opportunity to go at a rest stop before that point, but said I’d make it to Revelstoke. Sigh.]

I think that’s all for now.


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