tilt laugh

Here’s a story from my most recent surgery.

I was released the same day as the procedure. Though under anaesthetic, it was unnecessary to stay in the hospital beyond immediate recovery.

Upon release, a nurse took me down to where Vince was waiting with the van in a wheelchair. I was legally impaired, could not drive and was to have someone with me for the next 24 hours. Instructions to Vince were to take me home, let me sleep and don’t let me lift anything more than a tea cup for 24 hours, and then go fill the prescription.

I knew I wasn’t completely with the program, but I felt pretty good all things considering. Still feeling no pain, that’s for sure. I told Vince it was silly to take me home and head out again, I could walk, and we could fill the prescription on the way.

So we went to the pharmacy. We got out of the van and set out for the door. The world was VERY tilted – to the right. As I walked, I veered to the right. I knew it and I couldn’t correct it. I called out to Vince that I seemed to be walking a little off. He agreed. And he came to hold my arm to help guide me from that point on. Making me sit in the pharmacy and lean against a wall if I had to stand.

On the way home, I asked him why he didn’t assist me in the first place. He said that I said I could walk. I said, probably quite indignantly, I said I could walk, as in stand up and move, I didn’t say I could walk well.

Such is my life.


Oṃ śānti śānti śānti