Have you ever noticed how obsessed with time we are? Consider all these many ways we can express time:

  • ahead of his/her time
  • before your time
  • buy time
  • do time
  • have time [to talk, etc.]
  • have the time of one’s life
  • it’s about time
  • just in time
  • keep time
  • kill time
  • live on borrowed time
  • lose track of time
  • make time
  • making up for lost time
  • mark time
  • out of time
  • pass time
  • pressed for time
  • race against time
  • save time
  • sell time
  • spare time
  • spend time
  • take time
  • time flies when you’re having fun
  • time for a change
  • time heals all wounds
  • time is money
  • time is running out
  • time out
  • time warp
  • time zone
  • to bide one’s time
  • waste of time
  • waste time
  • when the time is ripe

I haven’t posted lately because I’ve run out of time each day for the past little bit.

Nothing more to say. Time to go!