tracy update #3

Again, Tracy’s own words:

Saw my oncologist a couple of days ago and she has said that due to the increase in pain and increase in my consumption of painkillers I shouldn’t drive anymore. My pain level went from about a 3 to about a 7 at its worst. I also had a pain in the back of my head that could and probably does indicate more nerve involvement. My hearing goes super sensitive at times as well.

So those are a few of the small changes I have noticed and told her about. She is going to book a bone scan and a CT Scan of my abdomen and chest since I haven’t had anything like that done in five months. She said that this is the hardest type of cancer or one of the hardest to try and give a prognosis at this point, especially since I already passed the first one, because the disease is in the fluid and not my actual brain. When the cancer moves with the fluid it can cause pressure on different spots at different times. She said that I could wake up one day and be blind and then later I could wake up again and see again….so as usual craziness for Tracy!