treatment details

More details:

  1. First chemo drug is Adriamycin also known as Doxorubian. It’s given by “push” as in the nurse sits there with a large needle and gradually injects it. It is the most toxic of the two and because of potential tissue damage if outside of the vein, it’s administration must be monitored.Kinda makes you wonder what the hell it’s doing in the blood if it’s damaging to tissue.
  2. The second drug is cyclosphosphamide given by IV drip. I will receive 4 doses, once every 21 days.
  3. The next chemo drug is docetaxel. Again, I will receive 4 doses, once every 21 days.

I am on three anti-nausea drugs – each has their use and timing:

  1. Zofran
  2. Decadrone
  3. Stemetil

Side effects:

  • infertility guaranteed – no biggie;
  • more than likely will affect my periods, perhaps even induce a menopause, which may or may not be reversible (I’m still trying to decide if hot flashes on top of chemo and diabetes is a bad thing);
  • hair loss – 100% – I have decided to get a wig even though I’ll wear it only 25% of the time – hair will grow back after chemo;
  • red urine for 2 or three days – but I’ve found the trick to that, drink LOTS of water;
  • fatigue – nothing I can really do but take care of me.


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  1. Hi Gayle…

    Well let me tell you…you are being given the two chemo drugs that they used on me as well. The A and the C, my cocktail was AC…I was going to ask you what yours was but you beat me to that…I am guessing that your A drug (the push one) was like a giant needle of cherry kool-aid?? Mine was! By the way, I remember thinking the EXACT same thing as you after being told it is so bad for the surrounding tissues!?!?!

    I ALSO used all of the anti nausea med’s that you listed – I think I told you how that went for me. If you need another one on top of those three I had one more that actually did something for my nausea.

    As for your life not being your own…get used to that…being a pin cushion…get used to that too!
    As for hot flashes (or flushes as some call them)…get ready…they will be enough to drive you COMPLETELY mental…if the rest of this treatment process doesn’t!

    Well I hope that I am not bumming you out too bad! I also hope that you stay feeling good…did I mention to DRINK A TON OF WATER???!!! Hee hee, make sure you do! That was such an IMPORTANT part of getting through the chemo…water water water!

    Well maybe this will lighten your spirits, I am dedicating my FIFTH ANNUAL Run for the Cure to YOU! If any of your friends or family would like to support my run on your behalf please let me know as they can go to and search my name to make a donation! You should check out that website as well if you haven’t already!

    Well hang in there girlfriend! HUGS ALWAYS!

    Peace, love, and light,

    Tracy Thurber

    PS – We are SISTERHOOD now so don’t hesitate to get ahold of me with ANYTHING!

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