trouble makers

I think it’s about time you met the rest of my family out here in Victoria. Vince and I call our birds “our babies”, because they are.

Today you meet the lovebirds  – and who’s who is obvious with this picture.

The one thing I can tell you about Aja and Jasper is that they get into trouble, with a capital “T”.

Yesterday was no exception.

We do let all our birds out to fly around, once we’ve covered windows and ensured that they are shut, every now and again. Yesterday was a day for all 6 to have the opportunity to fly around and socialize. It’s always a crap shoot letting the lovebirds out with the cockatiels as they devil the tiels.

When all fun and games were done, the tiels settled for naps and the lovebirds began exploring. At this point, Vince chose to have a nap. In 40 minutes, I nodded off too. At 1 hour, Vince woke up and woke me up – great 20 minute nap, Vince, thanks. But, uh-oh, where were Aja and Jasper?

We searched and searched. All the nooks. All the crannies. All the small places we knew they liked to hide. Nothing. Panic was slowly settling in.

After half an hour, we decided, as a last resort, to check a roll of paper (approximately 12 feet long, used as backdrop material for photo shoots). The centre/core is a diameter of about 1.5 inches across and the lovies have had the tendency to sit at the top of the roll – mostly shredding.

Sure enough, when we finally manoeuvred it to lift it, the lovies flew out the bottom. Holy crap!  Aja, the more adventurous one, obviously squeezed in and just slid free-fall to the bottom and was trapped – nothing to grap onto with the beak nor grasp with the feet. Then plunk! Jasper lands on top ~ this little guy follows her everywhere.

I truly hate to think how long they were there, the guilt is incredible. But both seem to be a-okay and none the worse for wear.



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