tweet off, eh

The tweeting of Twitter is driving me insane!

Headline: Kutcher beats CNN in Twitter Race…Oprah to Join Fray

Ashton Kutcher beat out CNN to create the largest to-date Twitter following of 1 million subscribers. That means at least 1 million people actually care what Ashton Kutcher is doing at any moment.

Isn’t it bad enough that people blog (yes, I know the stones I am throwing are also at myself)? But this twitter business will drive me insane. It’s worse than text-messaging, it’s bordering on spam. I DON’T need to know what people are doing every minute of the day. So you got snow, so what? At least with a blog, I have time to sensor myself before posting, and I can take the time to reflect whether I want you to know whatever I’m blathering on about or not. The purpose of my blogs? They’re useful tools to reach everyone I love. I make private what I don’t want internet surfers to see.

Technology and access is moving so fast. And I admit that I find my attachment to my Blackberry more than a little disturbing…and I purposely DON’T use it for any more than email and reading the news.

At what point do we totally give up our privacy, or have we done so already? I, for one, still value some semblance of privacy and a brake on my mouth (or finger tips).