two questions

These are the two questions I am getting most frequently

How am I doing/feeling?

Um…not sure what you’re hoping I’ll say…That everything is good? It’s not. That I’m doing well? I’m not.

  • I’m scared;
  • I remain hopeful that oral chemo will do what we want it to;
  • I continue to laugh, because, why not?
  • I’m angry – why the f* did it have to be in my brain?
  • I’m resolute – not done fighting yet;
  • I have some good moments, but mostly wobbles, head feeling off and fatigue.

What can I do for you? Can I get you anything?

Vince and I have been blessed with amazing support from my co-workers. They have ensured I’ve made it to all my recent appointments and made a collection that ensures Vince and I can outfit our home to support me “when” I need those supports. Those that proactively came up with ideas on how to help me so I didn’t have to ask were greatly appreciated and utilized.

As for what you can do/get? I hate asking or even noting things because generally Vince and I are doing okay, but I get it. You’re looking for something/anything. Let me put a few things out there as ideas for those who really want to do something.

  • What would make me smile?
    • Crazy socks✔
    • Non slip socks✔
    • Supporting an independent bookstore (Munro Books)✔
    • Handwritten notes/silly cards✔
    • A silly/simple craft – paint by number, puzzles…✔
    • Some sort of a care box (I love beeswax candles, and a good foot soak…but I’m not a bath bomb person)✔
  • Any time Vince and I don’t have to cook is a treat; every place noted below should have some form of gift certificate option
    • We have an apt. size freezer that can hold frozen meals (homemade or purchased)
      • We love Victoria Pie Co. – their baked 5” Chicken Pot Pie is the best in the city (in our opinion)– Vince and I split this, apple pie is great too, happy to pick up; THIS ONE IS THOROUGHLY FILLED. I HAVE ENOUGH PIE FOR A YEAR
      • We love Chef on the Run – they have both fresh and frozen meals, again happy to pick up
      • Shine Cafe for brunch – we can do takeout
      • We shop at Red Barn Markets (Oak Bay)
  • Vince and my Saturday morning routine is
    • Go to Cobs Bread to pick up “breakfast”
    • Get hot drinks at Starbucks, and
    • We go sit at a lookout of the Juan de Fuca to relax and enjoy
  • Emerald Day Spa has a mini pedi for $45 (I can’t do my feet very well right now)
  • Sounds crazy, but I seem to be on the gnome bandwagon right now

Vince and I are so grateful for your love and support, and we couldn’t do this without you.