unexpected words

Today  was my appointment with my medical oncologist.

As usual it was a frank discussion. This time I caught her off guard,  she asked why I didn’t do something.  Response: because I was stupid and stubborn. LOL.🤣

And then she tells me she’s looked at all the scans and test results from my hospital stay and she can tell me there is no active cancer, in fact there has been shrinkage in my brain.


So what does this mean for treatment? Well I get a break from chemo until scans show growth again. There are two things to take from that. I’m about to have much more frequent/regular scans (both CT and MRI).  And that friggin’ oral cancer drug capecitabine  is NOT off the table. Oncologist can reduce dose still and change up how it’s taken (one week on, one week off).

She doesn’t want to eliminate a drug that crosses the blood-brain barrier, I may need it.

So, all in all this has been a good news day.

6 thoughts on “unexpected words

  1. oh wow! My goodness you are a force to be reckoned with. I have never met anyone as completely awesome as you and I doubt I ever will again. You are one of a kind (and definitely NOT stupid).

  2. Stubborn? Yes. Stupid? No.
    You’re smart enough to listen to the professionals and then make the best decisions for you.
    You’ve got some amazing people on your team and in your corner.
    Sending love. ❤️

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