thursday truths

  • My fall was a horrendous day, I couldn’t get myself up and therefore spent 7 hours lying on the bathroom floor.
  • When Vince got home, he had to call an ambulance, which turned out to be lifesaving
  • CT scan showed massive blood clots in both lungs
  • There was talk about putting me in the ICU, it was that touch and go
  • Neither Vince nor I knew if I’d still be here Friday
  • Thought you’d like to see my black eye


  • Wish I could tell you it’s been full steam ahead
  • Slow and steady has been the course
  • I am very fatigued
  • I am slowly getting my stamina and confidence back. I have been pretty hesitant to do normal things
  • Right now my biggest challenge is getting dressed
  • I am so frustrated

oral chemo

  • My second course was no more successful than the first
  • Side effects came down to diarrhea again
  • Made the decision not to continue with it, completely supported by the cancer physician I spoke with today
  • He’ll talk to my medical oncologist to see if she has any other options

sad news

  • Our sweet little Wintergreen passed away last night. We are heartbroken.

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  1. Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day has nothing on you! Hang in there!

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