Update on my friend Tracy

One of my greatest inspirations has been my friend Tracy, a fellow breast cancer thriver who was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in the 6th year after her own breast cancer journey began.

I received the following update from her (excerpts only):

…the rest isn’t the greatest…my cancer has progressed. It is now in the cerebral fluid that surrounds my brain and spinal cord. The doctor told me worst case scenerio was six to twelve weeks…yes I said weeks. That being said, I was told that news on April 1st, unfortunately it wasn’t a joke, and I am STILL going strong…Anyways am feeling really good and have only had a couple of rough days. I am out and about and not dwelling on my worst case scenerio. Every day I wake up and feel good, I vow to make it a good day. So don’t you be spilling any tears over my predicament as I have no intention of going anywhere until my bucket list is complete and I have only just BEGUN!!!!  There is MUCH more travelling to be done! Many more people I have to meet and many more things I have to do!

I’ve had my tantrum about it not being fair, and I’m still crying as I type this. Please add her to your prayers.