update re: plastic surgery

I admit it. I’ve been waffling. My dear friends have been frank with me: I’ve never settled before, why now; I could get a different referral, etc.

It’s funny how the mind works. Now that I know that Dr. Taylor has no choice since MSP has approved the surgery, it’s been tempting to give him my choice of surgery over liposuction and go forward. The fact that I haven’t called him to give him my choice is telling.

My friends and even my brain is right, why would I trust such a person to do this for me?  So I admit, I’ve waffled.

Why am I not seeking another opinion? I don’t have a good answer to why I’ve delayed. I do know that a HUGE concern for me is the cost that will happen should I seek a consultation in Vancouver (and lower mainland). And the cost of surgery on the mainland – not that the surgery itself will cost me, but the travel and subsequent return to Vancouver Island. This part of it SUCKS. Money is tight for Vince and me. It does have to factor in somewhat.

Yesterday I did a prescription refill check-in with my GP, except my GP is on maternity leave and I got her substitute. I talked about my upcoming physical (6-mo check up and annual report to the Cancer Centre). In the process of describing my dilemma, she was so amazing: Gayle, we’ll talk again about it in December, but know that Victoria is NOT your only option and we’ll work together on it. It almost made me cry.

There is another reason. It took 2 fraking years to get one appointment. How long till the next?

I’ll let you know what transpires in December.


2 thoughts on “update re: plastic surgery

  1. Well, if Victoria is NOT your only option then it must mean Vancouver and the Lower Mainland or even further afield right? That still leaves open the expenses of travel. How much would that be?

    1. It all depends on the appointment time, among other things.

      Ferry would be $13.75 for walk on (one way), but then would require local transit or taxi – which adds up to a lot of time. Bus to ferry is 1.1 hour, ferry 1.35 hr, transit to downtown Vancouver 1.25 hr. Transit would be $10 to $15, taxi? Who knows?

      If Vince drives, it’s $73.25 one way, plus parking.

      If the appointment is early in the morning, it would have to be an overnight thing. Hotel/Motel + food? Good question.

      An alternative is Helijet – 30 minute flight – at $259 one way. Plus taxi/transit on the other side.

      Consultation is one visit. Procedure would be another.

      Weighing that in….it seems almost like I should stay in Victoria. Or just not proceed at all.

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