well f*ck it

new event

I am back in the hospital. I had 7 seizures on Saturday. Still determing overall cause. Obvious is the brain tumour. But the specialists are exploring cardiomyopathy too. Hoping to have answers today or soon.

third time

As you know, I’m taking my third round of my favourite oral chemo: capecitabine. Oncologist reduced dosage again and switched up the frequency in which I take it.

And, why I hoped side effects would not happen, I guess that’s the eternal optimist in me, I am struggling through them.

  • Yep, loose stool and two days of “accidents”. Still not completely diarrhea. Monitoring closely.😶 And ensuring electrolytes are being maintained.
  • Fatigue. I’m getting the shit knocked out of me. I had hopes of returning to work 3 mornings a week. Only able to manage the 2 so far.
  • Taste buds are going. Took 5 days for that one to kick in.
  • Appetite is GONE. Struggling once again on the “what can/will I eat?” And, the better question: if it’s in front of me, will I actually eat it?

Once again on pause until out of hospital.

fall detection

I have my fall detection device. Between Vince and I we’ve triggered it as false alarms 5 times in two days. Oy!!!!!

Update on hospital stay as soon as I know.

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