what a week

I’m really tired of reality right now. I really resonated with a post by one of my favourite authors who said he was going to a little blanket fort and escape to a world where things make sense. Save room for me!!

This week in particular, I’ve been strongly reminded that we should never talk about religion, money or politics. And as hard as it may be to stomach, personal opinions are valid, especially when they are polar opposite of yours, and you’re convinced you’ve done everything you can to be informed and “right”. Everyone is right, and everyone is wrong. But the most important things we all need to remember are respect and love. Treat others with respect, they’re opinions and beliefs are their truths. And love means there are more important things to discuss and focus on.

This applies to social media as well as personal interactions. I need to remember this too. I’ve generally avoided anything in my posts here, but can’t say that I’ve remained 100% neutral on FB. I will be working harder at that going forward.

Live. Laugh. Thrive.❣

3 thoughts on “what a week

  1. We cannot control what others are thinking although they do not make sense. What a world we live in and how lies become “truth” after being said multiple times. Just keep safe and be happy.

  2. The past week has truly shown the best and worst of humanity, but more of the worst.
    As Ontario goes into Lock Down mode once again, I can’t help but wonder if we had only been a little kinder and more tolerant of others (except anti maskers and anti vaxxers 😉 would we be in the predicament we currently find ourselves?
    Stay true to you!

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