what a week

I had a whole gamut of emotions this week.

I learned last weekend that a co-worker, who was diagnosed a couple months before me with two types of breast cancer, has had confirmed that she has bone metastases. That made me very sad; very sad indeed.

Then I felt relief that I am okay. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true.

Then I felt guilt for even thinking it. And that’s when there were tears. Damn this disease.

Then the paranoia hit. I’m on week 5 of the cold and I’ve got a productive cough. What if….? and do I dare say it “out loud”??

Today I had two medical appointments. One was my pre-admission consult ~ bloodwork, EKG, reviewing my allergies, confirming that Dr. Nutcase isn’t allowed anywhere near me, and what all I have to do before I arrive at 6:50 a.m. for an 8:50 a.m. surgery. Question: what the hell is wrong with 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.?? The nurse I spoke with says that I’ll have to have a little swab of the backside when I get in (crap, pardon that pun, wasn’t once less than a year ago enough??), and that when I wake up I’ll have my own pain control pump and a catheter until the next day. Just my idea of fun. NOT.

The second appointment was with my family doctor. You know, in the past 18 months I think I’ve seen her once. Anyway, she thinks the cough is because of the hellish cold and no, in her opinion, 5 weeks isn’t extraordinary because apparently EVERYONE is going through the same thing. Why is there comfort in numbers?? Anyway, she’s doing a pre-operative antibiotic to hopefully kick the hell out of whatever is in my sinuses. But if the cough worsens or persists….

All in all, I’m right on track for my surgery ~ that’s Wednesday, March 5th.

And, by the way, there may be a time lag until you get “news” ~ Vince isn’t the best typist and the blog thing would throw him. I’m scheduled to be in the hospital 5 days.


1 thought on “what a week

  1. Comfort in numbers?
    My mom, boss and myself have been suffering the same cold with non-productive cough (in my case) for 4 weeks now. Antibiotics, honey and tea, ginseng, echinecea, etc, etc, etc are doing nothing to counter the nasty cough and aches and pains of this latest round of apparently viral something or other.
    At least you don’t have an infection control department looking sideways at you whenever you cough in a hallway at work!
    Apparently it goes away…when I dunno.
    You’re going to come through the surgery just fine…you’re a tough chickie!
    Thoughts are with you.
    Kati & Andrew

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