what is “home”

In returning to Ancaster, Ontario, so that I could assist Dad with anything related to packing up his belongings for his major relocation to Moncton, New Brunswick, I have been thinking about the word “home”.

Some “home”-related thoughts—

  • Home is where your heart is.
  • Home is the place where you hang your hat.
  • A home is not defined by its structure but by the people who fill it.
  • Home is the place you sleep.
  • Home is where you’re secure.
  • Home is where you’re happy.
  • Home is a place of love and comfort.
  • Home means sanctuary.

Somehow, they all apply (though some more so than others). My heart is in Ancaster because of the years I lived there, grew to be an adult there, where my mother is buried. I now hang my hat in Victoria. My heart is also with Vince. Does that make him “home”? And as for sleeping, I sleep on planes, on trains and in hotels. Are each of those places “home”? I could go on, but you get my point.

Defining ‘home’ has been an interesting journey. About the only conclusion I can reach is that home just isn’t a place, but a feeling as well.

I will always call Ancaster home because of my memories and my past. Victoria is my home because it is the location where I live. I will always refer to both locations as home.

And so, to answer the question I posed a week ago, “can you go home again?” The answer is yes. Physically things have changed as only time can affect things – many new subdivisions and shopping centres/stores, moving of the fairgrounds, restaurants have come and gone, etc. What did not change were the people and the memories.

It wasn’t a ‘good bye’ as I thought it would be, but more like, ‘I’ll see you again one day’. I don’t know when that will be, but I do know it will happen.


1 thought on “what is “home”

  1. Like I said before…’home’ isn’t really a place, it’s something you carry inside of you. While things like houses, and towns and people and specific items or pictures (what were we thinking in high school btw?) can cause memories to well up inside of you, ‘home’ is whatever you perceive it to be.
    So, I think you can go home again…for most of us, it’s memories and ‘home’ is there whenever we allow ourselves the freedom to go there in our mind.
    It was great seeing you, and the hugs made it all the better.

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