I’ve decided “whomped” is my word for how I felt overall yesterday.

Naturally the question has come up about the “negative” of the first biopsy.  Well, here’s the poop.

My doctor was so apologetic. She says they should have said first biopsy was inconclusive. There were atypical cells and such a result did not match the MRI, thus the reasoning behind the second biopsy last week – needle biopsy of the axilla. It was also explained to me that the biopsy I had was in “one” area, in other words, the odds of not finding anything were very low but it was indeed possible to miss the cancer cells, and there is a likelihood that had the surgeon selected a different location, there would have been a different result.

I should know more tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Whomped

  1. Gayle,

    Kati has been keeping me up to date with your story as well.
    I was surprised and shocked as everyone at your news, and, like them, I will keep thinking of you and hoping for the best. Please don’t stop writing.
    Hugs and shoulders whenever you need ’em are here.

  2. Gayle, I’m stunned by your news. I’m one of the old old friends KT has informed. Funny how time & distance has separated us yet now I’m thinking of our time together in the past – lifetimes ago! – you are still in my heart today.
    Please keep us informed.
    Big big hugs to you,

  3. Hey there….
    Whomped is a good word I think, and I can only imagine how hard hit you feel about all this. All day long, I’ve been thinking about you and hope you don’t mind, but have asked people to pray for you and yours.
    Know that we’re out here, we’re thinking about you, sending telepathic hugs, support and love and you know how to find us if you need us.
    Keep us all informed.
    We love you

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