Vince and I will be heading out to the World Conference on Breast Cancer on Sunday morning. I can barely believe that it is finally here.

While the impetus to get us to Winnipeg and this conference has been the documentary that my friends are filming, there is no denying the personal motivation. This conference marks both an end and a beginning for me.

It is the end of my battle ~ 22 months of dealing with my diagnosis, treatment, surgery and more surgery. It’s a chapter that’s not completely over, as it will never be over, but I think of it as the worst being behind me.

It’s also a beginning. As I move forward with my life, as I live and thrive.

I will try to update this as the conference progresses, but it may be that you’ll get a lot of impressions after the fact.


1 thought on “winnipeg

  1. So cool…you must be so excited and kind of nervous…at least I think I would be.
    Enjoy yourself and I look forward to hearing all about it.
    Safe journey – in every way.

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