“Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” was the catchphrase of a toy in the 70s. Art had an airplane of them that I played with too.

I really wish I was like a weeble and couldn’t fall down.

Rest assured I have not fallen again.

wobbles still

I’ve had a long week. The fall on Saturday rattled me pretty good. That fat lip was really ugly and bloody. Lip bruise is actually fading, a first since I still have two from March still on my arm.

It’s obvious that it was my own left foot I tripped on. I’ve got bruising on the foot and rug burn / scraped skin on both foot and ankle. Another source for the blood.

On a good note, if anything, I’ve met and exceeded Vince’s requirement to take more care. I sit up and plant my feet and take a few breaths to ensure a clear head before moving regardless of whether it’s getting out of bed, up from the couch, or up from my work chair (I actually push the back of the chair into my desk so it doesn’t slip away)…see? Getting more strategic / cautious.

I’ve had a couple incidents since last Saturday where I have felt shaky and that’s where my walker has been my blessing. I lock the brakes and sit down until I feel I’m good to go.

Speaking of my walker, I’ve named her: Lucy. Why not?

support groups

I’m pretty certain I’ve mentioned joining social media support groups. I’m fortunate to belong to groups well moderated and respectful.

Throw out a question and you get immediate responses full of good advice and some really good stories.

I threw out about falls and asked about their strategies; not surprisingly, the list is all things we’ve thought of and have basically implemented.

  • Fall “right”;
  • Use a walker;
  • Use bathtub grab rails;
  • Use a bed rail;
  • Tub chair;
  • No shortcuts;
  • Move slowly / cautiously;
  • Toilet seat riser.

my port

In my world, if it can happen, it will. So Gaylie.

So my port is broken and needs to be replaced, which will happen this coming Tuesday. I asked for a different surgeon, and was told that it’s policy to switch them up in such situations.

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  1. Lucy is a nice name. ❤ I hope the replacement portocath is more reliable. 🙏 hugs

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