There are a few things going on with me, some more disconcerting than others, and I’ve not been all that willing to diarize them.

I’ll deal with the first one here, which is causing me no end of worry. I have a pressure/discomfort (and sometimes pain), in the upper right abdomen (towards the xiphoid process of the sternum). It varies in intensity and has been constant since about mid-August. I can say that yes, food has been an irritant in making it worse. I can say that there other things make it worse too. But everything you can take for digestive ailments only reduces the symptom to “pressure”, it does not eliminate it. And while details make you cringe, I have a lighter-coloured stool.

There are so many different things that could cause what’s happening: my digestive system being wracked due to antibiotics, even chemo (still), chronic indigestion, perhaps it’s my body still recovering from my LONG bout with diarrhea, a hernia, etc. So, I haven’t really sounded any alarms…until last week.

While I was in for my herceptin treatment, I paged my oncologist and he came to examine me after the treatment. He did a thorough palpitation of my liver (there, I’ve said what the concern is), and he didn’t feel any enlargement. However, I am supposed to follow up if I have limited or no response to the PPI (er, that’s proton pump inhibitor = medication).

So now I have to call him. That means testing. And now I’m scared all over again.


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  1. Just remember your advice to me on the tictac. Wait until you absolutely know you have something to worry about. Until then tell yourself you are totally healthy and your body is just recovering. My positive thoughts are coming your way.

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