yoho national park

A magpie, a crow and a raven ~ wait a minute, that sounds like the start of a really bad joke; let me assure you, it is not ~ so, resuming the tale, these three birds were fighting each other and at one point all three landed in our campsite.

It was truly spectacular. The raven was freaking HUGE and truly a sight to behold. The crow was full of attitude and the magpie held its own and is brilliant in its colouring.

Vince and I did a two night stop in Yoho National Park on the way home. Enjoyed it very much. Mixed emotions at not having elk visit the campsite. Wanted to see them up close, not sure I could’ve handled THAT close.

No bear problems, but plenty of scat to make us a little wary.

Access to Takakkaw Falls was closed as there is still avalanche risk, so our hike took us only as far as a lookout for the Spiral Tunnels.

Wood fires, looming mountains and frigid showers….do I know how to have fun or what?

Spending the night in Vancouver ~ in too late to catch the ferry home. One more night and I’m HOME. Yipee!