napping continued

  • We all know I’m a big fan of naps…and boy have I napped!
  • This past weekend I basically slept 22 of 24 hours each day.
  • I was so concerned at first until I checked in with my support groups. Nearly everyone asked the same question: had some sort of stress been alleviated in my life? LOL. And that I should contact my oncologist should this go on multiple days. But it was only the two days on the weekend. 
  • What does that say about my work!!!???

so how am I filling my time?

  • Waking up at normal time and then having a nap in my recliner chair😉.
  • I had ONE day of fighting the urge to check in with work ‒ I am so pathetic
  • Figuring out what to eat and making it; I’m always worried about hurting myself during prep/cooking.
  • Watching/binge watching tv shows – plans to do, haven’t managed it yet.
  • Reading – got some good recommendations, open to more.
  • Purging items I will no longer use; dehoarding.
  • Cleaning up my desk ‒ ugh.
  • Blogging.
  • Bullet journalling.
  • Endless appointments.
  • Humouring Vince.
  • Setting up a table for puzzles so I have something to do with a respite caregiver; thank you to those who have contributed to my puzzle collection.


  • Changed my mind about that local spa I mentioned; gifts towards it have been well and smartly used including my new approach, which is definitely more expensive. 
  • My biggest concern is the edema; caused both by my steroid as well as a side effect of treatment.
  • So I googled for solutions and learned about a medical grade pedicure.
  • It’s a non-invasive, dry pedicure performed by a specialist who combines podiatry with nail care. 
  • Medical pedicures are customized to what your feet need as opposed to just simple aesthetics. 
  • They’re specific and very thorough, paying close attention to the health of your nails and skin not just how they ‘look'”.
  • A medical pedicure is also centered around prevention. 
  • For people who have underlying conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and cancer, medical pedicures are a safe option as there’s a minimal risk of cuts or infections, which could compromise their health.
  • Practitioners are trained.
  • In addition to her foot care training, my lady is a licensed nurse practioner. I like that.

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